The Life and Times of Life Itself

October 6, 2012

I am pro-life. Go ahead, say it. You know you want to call me anti-women or something. The truth is, I am not against gender equality. I am not against people having the freedoms to choose things. What I am against are people who have the nerve to think that their right to choose should be placed above someone else’s right to life. “But that life isn’t a person yet”. While we can argue all day whether or not the embryo is a person, the fact of the matter is, it is still life.

Scientists tell us that the earliest forms of life on earth were single celled, microscopic organisms. While we can’t see them and the have no eyes, mouth, feet, or any other distinguishing features, science still calls this life. If you are subscriber to this speculative science, then you also know that life has taken on many other forms since then. From plant life to animal life to human life, it has become rather diverse–and unique. Unique because out of all the cosmos, we have only been able to confirm life on this little blue planet of ours. So of course I get a little fired up when people want to throw it away like it’s means nothing more than taking out the trash. You should be upset about this too.

Life itself is a miracle. There are more forces working against you then for you. The fact that you can sit and read this at all is saying something. You made it. You fought the odds and lived. And now, you are FREE to make your own choices. Putting it in perspective like that is refreshing. You realize how fragile life is–and why is needs to be protected.

While I acknowledge that both the church and the secular world have done a fine job making this about religion and a war on women, I am here to say it’s not either. NASA spends billions of dollars looking for “life” on other planets. If NASA were to discover even one living, one cell, microscopic organism on some distant world, it would be considered a success. Environmental agencies have successfully made it a criminal act to disturb and destroy the eggs of some eagles and other animals (i.e., their unborn young). Yet, we as a society regard the unborn human somehow as less life than the things I just mentioned.

I could claim that God created this life and that this alone justifies my pro-life stance. While I do believe God creates each life, I am smart enough to know that this argument does not stand up in secular circles. This is why I make the case using science terms. Life is life and no life should be less than any other life.

When you make a lifestyle choice that leads to a pregnancy, you given up the right to make a choice. We all have rights to make choices  but we give up some of those rights when we make the wrong ones. This applies here. Nobody dies by not having sex and we all know that contraceptives are not 100%. Thus, if you make the choice to do this, you should have to accept the result of that choice.

The arguments for pro-choice try to sound fair but end up falling short. They try to claim it’s better to cut a life off than to have a child enter the world unwanted or abused. But what is worse abuse than ending a life? With that kind of attitude, why not just kill off all the unwanted children? No, I am not advocating the killing of children, but pro-choice proponents ARE. Just because it hasn’t developed into it’s fullness yet, doesn’t mean its any less human than the child living outside the womb (which, ironically, is also not fully developed).

Of course there is the controversial area regarding an incident of rape. I am not completely satisfied that abortion is the right choice here. I have had the privilege of meeting several people who were “rape” babies and I can honestly say, they were a true blessing. Knowing them alone invalidates the rape argument in my mind. I am sure some of you are simply screaming at your screen reading this saying; “How can you say that? What about the feelings of the woman/girl?” I respect that. But the problem I see is the way we counsel these people. Are we teaching them to be ashamed of what happened or rise above it? Shouldn’t we be using the opportunity and this chance to give a gift of life to someone as overcome this horrible experience? Maybe find a family (there are many) that will be willing to adopt upon the birth. Turn this horrible experience into something good. Ending a life because something bad happened to you is, well, isn’t that what many murderers do?

I guess my only real area of compromise would be in a case where mother and baby wouldn’t survive the birth anyway. Even there though, I have high hopes that medical science will find a way where both mother and baby can be spared every time. I also fear they will not find the incentive to research this if abortion seems like the most cost effective offer.

I am not condemning anyone for taking either side on this issue. I just want people to realize that everything is bigger than just the one of us.

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  1. Excellent article with very good points. There is no rational argument for abortion under any circumstances. I’m sorry that so many women feel like they have to have this choice and that somehow they are less independent and less free without the choice of abortion, when in fact the only thing they are is more exploited.

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