The Absolutes of Life and Why it Shouldn’t Exist in the First Place

January 24, 2013

I’m throwing a bone to the Atheists. In recent debates (some on my own Facebook page), the question seems to come up often as to how can atheists have morals if they don’t believe in God. It’s clear that the atheists I know have very clear moral values–at least those that are relevant to what our society perceives as “Moral” (as well as what they think society should accept as moral). Why do they hold those belief?

I have to say, my fellow Christian have done a rather poor job showing how even the strongest moral argument is still weak in a godless universe. To that I have to give Atheists credit. They’ve done an excellent job at rebutting the Christians question “How can you have morals if you don’t believe in God?” A recent viral meme is one of an alleged Christian arguing that rape isn’t wrong if you don’t believe in God to which an atheists respond how ridiculous it is that a “magic being in the sky is all that is keeping Christians from raping”. Adam and Eve’s eating of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil has given every human the knowing of what is right and wrong. So an atheist CAN know what “right” is and what “wrong” is. Where the argument begins to fall apart is what makes it wrong?

In order for something to be truly wrong, it has to be absolutely wrong. And when dealing with absolutes minus God, it must be something tangible, observable, and testable. We know space is a vacuum. That is absolutely true. What makes it absolute is the fact that it would continue to be a vacuum even if humans suddenly ceased to exist. In fact, if all life in the universe suddenly ended, space would still be vacuum. If life had never existed at all, space would still be a vacuum. An absolute is something that exists separate from humanity’s existence and the existence of life altogether. If life had never arrived in this planet of ours, the universe as we know it would still exist. It would just remain nameless. And while life may not exist and science would have never ascribed names and laws to the way things work, these things would still work. Gravity would still be gravity. It is an absolute. It exists because it absolutely has to.

Life on the other hand is not quite as absolute. The elements that keep the universe working could not work without gravity, but it can continue without life. Thus, life is an anomaly. An accident if you will (from a “logical” point of view absent of God). In secular science and to the atheist thought process, life has no reason to exist. The universe and the law of natures actually work against life. You stray to far from our little blue safe zone and the universe is an unforgiving ┬ábringer of death. Comets, meteors, asteroids, exploding stars, black holes, vacuums, colliding planets, stars–just the observable universe alone shows us a place hostile to life. Even on the one place we know that can hold life, the “laws” of science and nature work against it constantly. Fires, storms, climate changes (both natural and man made), disease, etc make life a struggle. Life has to fight for existence. It doesn’t simply exist because it’s an absolute. It’s not. It shouldn’t exist at all.

And here in lies are moral dilemma: since life is not essential to the existence of the universe, it’s laws, and the way it works, does any one form of life have any right to determine what is moral and what isn’t? Only something that is absolute can define the terms. While the laws of the universe as we know it are absolute, it is not a sentient creature that can think and give things like moral laws. It knows only to do what it’s laws say to do.

Many people will argue that morality is relative and that truth is also relative, as defined by the society of the times. If this were true then, every perceived immoral act could be argued using the thought process above. I have spent countless hours reading up on the “science” behind the creation of the universe, evolution, and other related things. If you delve deep and view the whole picture, there is enough evidence to make you step back and say “Wait, maybe there really is something more here”. As my great atheists friends would say; “you need only to have an open mind”.

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  1. FYI – You spelled ‘atheist’ wrong in your tags.

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